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Meet The Staff

Ron Meredith
President, Clinton Broadcasters Inc.
Owner, WYSH Radio

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Jim Harris
News/Sports Director

                                                                  Phil Jarnagin
                                                                    Advertising Sales
                                                                         Kevin Dickert
                                                                   Saturday 6a-11a
                                                                      Jasper Young
                                                                  Advertising Sales  
Zach Neely
 Kelly Harris
  Will Housely
  Web Master
                                                                     David Farmer                      
                                                                      Sunday 6-10p                                

Lew Jones
11am – 3pm

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Marty Montel
Country Roads Show, 3p-8p

Dave West 8p – 1am

Jack Edwards 1a – 6am

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Shasta and Garr

WYSH Staff with Country Singer Marty Raybon
Ron Meredith, Dan Large, Ricky Kitzmilller, Buddy Bradshaw, Sharon Jones, Marty Raybon, Denice Coward, Misty Edwards, Wendell Eads

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WYSH Studio 1993

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WYSH Studios Now


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  1. Do you know when Dr. Ayers program will be back on the air? His office says he is off indefinitely on medical leave. How can we send him get well wishes?

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