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Join Ron and Jim each weekday Morning for the Country Club Morning Show!

At 7:35am each weekday morning listen to the WYSH birthday club and see who will win.

At 7:40am each weekday Its time to test your trivia skill. WYSH Breakfast trivia will get you thinking every morning.

Get your WYSH T-Shirt while they last $10, or 2 for $15. Call 865-457-1380 or email WYSH@wyshradio.com



  1. Just wanted to say thanks for the tickets I won yesterday morning to the George Jones museum. I’ll be coming to pick them up tomorrow! 🙂

  2. Do you have any songwriting contest. I have a song I wrote that’s kind of old school country and would like to know how people would feel about it.

    Thanks for your reply,
    James Bozic

  3. Just want to say “thank you” for having Trivia, my husband and I enjoy trying to remember all the questions, sometimes we miss but that is OK, we have fun trying. Also thank you for the Birthday club, we enjoy finding out other folk birthday’s as well and having a chance of winning the prize for us or one of our children’s or grandchildren’s birthday, it makes them so happy. Our great granddaughter loves WYSH, she wears her special shirt all of the time. We also thank INGLES for the birthday cakes.

    Ruby Lindsay

  4. My answer too the trivia question is Oakdale in 1942

  5. Oakdale

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