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Emert declines debate opportunity

If you listen to our “Ask Your Neighbor” program (weekdays at 10:15 am), you heard show host and station owner Ron Meredith challenge both incumbent County Mayor Terry Frank and her opponent in the Republican primary for that job, Commissioner Steve Emert, to appear on the program to debate the issues as early voting for that May 1st election heads into its final week.

Listeners were eager enough to hear the two debate the many issues facing Anderson County that several people called in and pledged to donate money to the Anderson County Senior Center to make that happen.

Mayor Frank, for her part, indicated that she would be available anytime, but Wednesday night, Emert contacted Meredith via text and declined the invitation, citing looming deadlines in his construction business and a desire to avoid the “arguing, debating and fussing…that this county has been dealing with for the last five years.”

His complete statement is available on our website and has been on our Facebook page since last night if you would like to read it.

We certainly hope that those individuals who had pledged to donate money to the Senior Center if they appeared together on the air, will follow through with that pledge and support this area’s senior citizens.

(Statement from Steve Emert)

“Ron, first of all my daughter is fine and thank you for asking.

She’ll be okay with rest and attention.

(*Editor’s note: Mr. Emert’s daughter was taken to the hospital earlier this week after a medical emergency, but is expected to be OK.)

You know based on our personal conversations, that I respect you, your station and your listeners. My investment on WYSH in the past few months expresses that respect and confidence. 

Mrs. Frank and I have met three times in the last month, at public forums so the citizens could be present and understand our position on things in Anderson County.

I have to remain dedicated to my construction deadlines that I am currently working under, which is customary of my work ethic.

I am also running my full time campaign for Mayor and meeting citizens at the polls and their homes.

I’m not sure how Mrs. Frank has so much time to make radio appearances on taxpayers time? Arguing,  debating and fussing is the distraction that this County has been dealing with for the last 5 years. There is no need for it and I won’t be a part of that negativity.

Respectfully,  *Steve Emert*”

About Jim Harris

Jim Harris has been WYSH's News & Sports Director since 2000. In addition to reporting local news, he is the play-by-play voice for Clinton High School football, boys' and girls' basketball and baseball. Catch Jim live weekdays beginning at 6:20 am for live local news, sports, weather and traffic plus the Community Bulletin Board, shenanigans with Ron Meredith and more on the Country Club Morning Show on WYSH & WQLA. Jim lives in Clinton with his wife Kelly and daughter Carolina, his mother-in-law and cats Lucius and Oliver.

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  1. A hilarious quote is Emert criticizing Frank for speaking with citizens and taking questions on the radio, and saying “I am also running my full time campaign for Mayor and meeting citizens at the polls and their homes.” He does know he’s paid as a county commissioner and gets full health benefits provided by the taxpayers? I guess it’s okay for him to waste taxpayer dollars.

    Just admit it Steve, you’re scared.

  2. How can Steve be campaiging full time when he is working at his business and county commissioner, Mayor Frank is not wasting tax payers money by going to the radio station she is doing her job by keeping the citizens of Anderson County informed. With Steve declining to go to Wysh it knocks the senior center out of $820.00 that could have paid for the filing to get the 501c3

  3. I hope the Seniors get a nice center and a fundraiser is a good idea. But using the Seniors as political bait is as bad as ignoring the Jones victims. Both kinds of politics stinks to high heaven. These politicians got no shame.

  4. concerned citizen

    It is amazing how all the blame for the problems in Anderson County can be blamed on the mayor. Mr. Emert is a commissioner, commission holds the purse strings. I really think too many facts have surfaced that he can not defend his statements. EMS and lawsuits are the issues. He is disregarding the information from the EMS audit. As for the lawsuits, how much was spent on the Coal Creek matter and the Glen-Alpine suit. He is a contractor so why did he not recognize some of the problems that have been encountered at the Oak Ridge court and the Senior Center? He has been on County Commission for several years. He has to share some of the blame.
    I think Anderson County is doing pretty good. Our schools are great, we recruit new industries and we have the new TCAT. We have some problems but come on. I am proud to live in this county. This latest round of political mud slinging breaks my heart.
    A half truth is still a lie. There are those that wish to run this county and will spread any information needed to accomplish their goal.

  5. I am a 33 year old man. This is the 1st time I will vote. I have watched the commissioner meeting and I don’t like how some of them talk to people that come before them. And the mayor they cut her off all the time I think it is because she is a very smart women and they can’t except that. I remember when the health dept. man was there and they talked to him like he was nobody and the EMS guy. Just go back and watch these meeting and see for yourself don’t take my word or anybody else watch with your own eyes. We need someone on the commissioner board that respects people .Mayor Frank will get my vote..

  6. concerned citizen

    Received another mailer for Mr. Emert. Just who or what is AMERICA COALITION? Is it not coincidental that one of the newspaper headlines quoted was from the trustee who happens to be part of Mr. Emert’s campaign staff. He was also a county commissioner before taking the trustee job. He voted to spend money the mayor did not. More dirty politics, more half truths. Why are articles concerning Jones and Yeager mentioned.
    Vote your heart. Try not to let the stink of politics get on you.

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