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Another woman files complaint against Jones

An eighth woman has come forward with allegations of sexual harassment, intimidation and retaliation against Anderson County Circuit Court Clerk William Jones.

The woman, a former employee of the office, says that she was the one who earned the nickname of “Daddy’s B***h” from Jones, whom she described as a “tyrant” who “runs his offices with fear by targeting employees he did not think too highly of, belittling employees if they made a mistake and just by his blatant arrogance.”

The woman says that she was already working in the office when Jones defeated incumbent Tyler Mayes in 2014, and the woman, in a sworn affidavit filed Wednesday in the HR Department and obtained through a public records request, wrote that “it became quite clear early on that this was not going to be the same atmosphere that I had become accustomed to with the previous Court Clerks.” She claims that Jones referred to himself as “Daddy” and that he would tell employees that everything would be fine as along as they “didn’t break Daddy’s number one rule…”Don’t f**k s**t up.”

The affidavit repeats claims we have seen from others that Jones would often boast that because he did not have a boss to answer to, he was untouchable and could do whatever he wanted.

The statement goes on to corroborate some of the other allegations from previous accusers, including that at least one employee kept a box under her desk because she was afraid that Jones “was going to fire her at any time.”

The statement says that Jones would instruct his office managers to write up employees he did not like for small infractions, so that Jones would have “grounds to fire them.”

The woman also states that Jones personally told her that he had put moles into the offices he led so that “he could know who he could trust,” and that one of those moles was transferred to the Oak Ridge office, known as the “clerk’s graveyard,” because Jones felt could no longer trust her. Jones allegedly made a habit of transferring those employees he did not like to Oak Ridge, where there is little room for advancement.

The affidavit states that during a conversation about Juvenile Court, Jones told her that he did “know anything about Juvenile Court.” The woman says that after she offered to have him come to the Juvenile Court office to learn more about the court and how things are processed there, he told her that “he didn’t care and didn’t want to know.” In addition, the complaint alleges that Jones would bring job applicants to Juvenile Court and have them observe the day to day to day operations to see if it would be a job they would be interested in. The complainant writes “Juvenile Court is a Court of confidentiality and the individuals were not sworn in to uphold the standards that clerks are bound to.”

The affidavit also states that Jones would: sit on employee desks, impeding their ability to work; stand behind employees and pat their heads; and make comments about women he found attractive, at one point allegedly asking the accuser if her sister was single and if she would want to be his girlfriend.

The woman also states that Jones told her about a county employee, “who was standing at the General Sessions I counter, that he snuck up behind her and took the tip of his umbrella and ran it up the inside of her leg.”

The statement concludes by accusing Jones of forcing her to resign by threatening her with criminal prosecution if he had to fire her, claiming that she had committed four felonies by erroneously file stamping documents. Although she later found out that the accusation was false, it was too late by then, and she had already resigned.

She says that her forced resignation has put her family into financial hardship, and has left her with high levels of stress that have affected her eating and sleeping habits.

The statement concludes with her writing “Mr. Jones is a bully and does try to intimidate his employees by making them feel like there is no one they can go to for help. Mr. Jones is a narcissist and will continue to prey upon the people that he feels he has control over.”

We will continue to follow this story for you as developments warrant.

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